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Strength&Conditioning gym in Clinton, MS

Where community meets fitness and health to last you a lifetime.


3 guys, 1 goal-to help people reach the best versions of themselves. We strive to be a place where anyone can come, get fit, be healthy, achieve performance goals, and get the body of their dreams. Community is most important to us because we know that getting started and showing up consistently can be the hardest part. Come see us at our gym/fitness center!

  • We use warm-ups and cooldowns to keep you healthy.

  • We focus on building strength and muscle through compound lifts and accessory bodybuilding lifts.

  • We use cardio to aid in weight loss and create a healthier version of you.


Our Community is What Makes Us Special

What truly sets The Workout Place apart is the extraordinary community that calls our gym home. Our members are more than just workout partners; they are friends, cheerleaders, and a source of inspiration. The relationships formed within our community, whether member to member or staff to member, are built on trust, encouragement, and a shared commitment to growth. It's not uncommon to see members arriving early or staying late, not just for the workout but for the camaraderie that makes The Workout Place feel like a second home. Join us, and experience the difference of a fitness community that goes beyond the ordinary – a community where your fitness journey becomes a shared adventure filled with support, encouragement, and genuine connections. Welcome to The Workout Place, where you belong.


Our fun, community-based classes create a well-rounded athlete that can crush life and look good.


Warm-ups and Cooldowns

To keep your muscles and joints healthy and injury free


With a focus on compound lifts to get strong and build visible muscle 


So you can crush life from playing with your kids and grandkids to playing that sport you love

Ben R.

“ I went into training with the TWP guys not knowledgeable coupled with my lack of confidence within the gym itself.  Through persistence and adherence to detail within the workouts I’ve not only gained a higher confidence pertaining to my physique but a greater understanding of the varying components within the process of working out.  They keep it “stupid simple”….., what I mean is even I can apply what I’ve learned and benefitted from to workouts at home and elsewhere.  I certainly plan on continuing my workouts with this great team.  They’ve advised/critiqued me to my benefit with my nutrition, technique, and overall game plans for when I walk in the gym…If the experience was a par-5 hole in golf, they deserve an eagle.”

Contact Us

311 US-80, Clinton, MS 39056 

(601) 708-5136

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